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At PsychEquip we know that children do not come with instruction manuals, and that parenting or the process of becoming a parent can be the most challenging of emotional roller-coasters.  We also understand that when it comes to all things parenting, there is no shortage of well meaning folks who feel they have the answers and are only too willing to share.  You may end up feeling confused and start to wonder why everyone except you seems to be doing ok.  We know that “Parenting Shame” and its companion “Parenting Blame” are never far away, especially when you find yourself struggling to cope, and for those with children, struggling to like your child at times.  We are confident that our down to earth, compassionate team can assist you to navigate through the challenges that arise in your parenting journey.

We assist with:

  • Fertility, pregnancy and birth: including moving through the process of IVF, coming to terms with infertility, difficult and traumatic birthing experiences
  • Nurturing attachment with your child using attachment based parenting interventions (Circle of Security)
  • Parenting anxiety and post natal depression
  • Loss & grief: including unexpected loss of a baby pre or post natal, coming to terms with the decision to deliver early/not proceed with a pregnancy, adjustment to a child’s illness or disability
  • Managing child behaviour
  • LGBT parenting


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