Things we like

With so much information already out there, it can be hard to know where to start at times. So rather than add to the “noise”, the PsychEquip “Things We Like” page is a place where we will – from time to time – add links to information and products. If they are here, we liked them and we hope you will too!




One of our favourite websites for… well… so many things. The School of Life contains so much interesting, accessible, and wise information that we had to give them a nod. Rummage through the “Articles” tab, or experience articles that have been developed into short youtube watches. We hope you like TSOL as much as we do.



FOOD CONNECT             

Not exactly psychology you ask? At PsychEquip, we try to abide by the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share. We also don’t subscribe to the separation of body and mind, self from nature. So we think this ethical, regenerative approach to food fits right in. It also offers a story of hope given its difficult beginnings. Bon appetit!




The site wouldn’t be complete without including The Circle of Security. Here you will find the roadmap to connection, not just between parent and child, but for any significant relationship. The circle informs so much of what we do.




As part of our Earth Care ethic, PsychEquip gives a regular donation to WildCare, along with sewing pouches, and providing other creature comforts for the patients receiving care. Your attendance helps to make this possible. Thank you 🙂