Psychologist Referral Information

There are a number of ways to access psychology services at PsychEquip.  These include:

GP Psychologist Referral (GP Mental Health Care Plan)           

Your G.P. or family Doctor may send you to see us with a psychologist referral that allows Medicare to pay a substantial part of your fee. Usually, this is for an initial group of six visits.  We are obliged under the Medicare funding agreement to send a letter to your referring Doctor at the first and last visits to discuss your treatment plan and progress.  If your circumstances or progress require more sessions, there is scope for your  Doctor to approve an extra four visits.  Please, see our Professional Fees tab for current fees and rebate information.

Private Health Insurance

Private insurers such as BUPA and Medibank Private cover Psychologist services under their Extras policies allowing you to initiate a psychologist referral.  Levels of cover differ between funds and may not be included in some lower levels of cover.  Please call your fund to ask about your coverage and possible out of pocket expenses.  Quote the item numbers listed under our Professional Fees tab for an accurate estimate.

Self Funded &/or Discreet Self Referral

For a number of reasons, (eg. keeping your use of psychology services confidential by not creating a record of having seen a psychologist for professional or personal reasons) you may prefer to pay your own way when attending PsychEquip.  Whatever your requirement, by paying the fees privately and not claiming a rebate,  no record of a psychologist referral will enter the public domain.

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