Children and Grief

How children grieve

Children may express their reactions to a death openly or not seem to be concerned about the event. Often children grieve in “doses” and may fluctuate between appearing to be unaffected and bouts of expressing grief. They may also hide their own feelings to protect a parent or another family member who may […]

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How to get a good night’s sleep: by Psychologist Brisbane.

Sleep hygiene is the term that psychologists use to describe getting set up for bed time. Sleep hygiene is probably a term that conjures up images of not having a shower before bed, but actually is a term used to describe good pre-sleep habits to give yourself the best chance of a refreshing night’s […]

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Attachment based family therapy

Help:  My Children Aren’t Perfect !

Guess What?  All of our children are Perfectly Imperfect:  What makes the difference is having the right tools to support ‘Good Enough’ Parents to raise secure kids for the real world.

Just because you are reading this column, means that there are some things I know about you already .  You […]

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